My most recently updated and prioritized orders of resources and topics I find myself using for teaching (often in one-on-one convos) about Ableism, Disability Justice, and Access:

The dangers of a Disability Essentialism (also relevant to other social movements):

“Anna Mollow... guard[s] against the dangers of a "disability essentialism", in which the experiences, needs, desires, and aims of all disabled people are assumed to be the same and those with “different” experiences are accommodated only if they do not make claims that undermine the movement’s foundational arguments" (as cited by Lukin on p. 319 of the fourth edition of the Disability Studies Reader in a chapter called Disability and Blackness).

Source referenced in a less academic version of academic references:

The late Josh Lukin quoting Anna Mollow from a Disability Studies Panel at Temple University. Quote on p. 313 of “Disability and Blackness” which is chapter 23 of book - The Disability Studies Reader, 4th edition, edited by Lennard J. Davis. Published New York: Routledge, 2013.

My powerpoint about Ableism, Disability Justice, and more includes some stuff in the following: