[Cover description: an assortment of faded, ombré, mixed colors of what I perceive from left to middle to be blue, purple, pink, and peach. The colors extend from middle to right, and appear to me as though they were blended cotton candy clouds in front of a sunrise. End description.]

Hi! Welcome, and thanks for being here.

Please check out my free, public offerings of my disability justice activism: presentations, articles, videos/presentation recordings, transcripts, scripts, papers, resource guides, posters, worksheets, podcasts and courses I’m featured in, press about my activism, and tangible pieces (e.g., policy)! It also includes pages to my affirmations of disability justice; my working draft attempts toward liberatory access (term coined by mia mingus); my recommended mental health, educational, & spiritual resources; and my recommended resources for learning and unlearning!

Public offerings of Deanna Parvin Yadollahi’s disability justice activism