This draft has been built after the wisdoms and modeling of community members, especially Claudia Alick of Calling Up Justice and The Curiosity Paradox (Grant Miller and Jonathan Paradox Lee). This is also built off of Mia Mingus' work in dreaming liberatory access, which requires access intimacy and fits within the container that is Disability Justice.

What are my intentions for this page? Literally to make it so that others can know what they do and don't have to put labor into requesting access to. Also to save time and space in meeting spaces regarding the access. I benefit from advanced access to information, and know some others do too. This is an attempt to make that possible for anyone interested, or be used to follow accessibility practices that I dream every space will offer.

Accessibility is an ongoing negotiation, and shared responsibility. That said, negotiation is something that needs to happen for each space, and so not all spaces will be treated the same. I hope to take on what I can to enhance accessibility, but recognize that nothing can ever be fully accessible for everyone (using an intersectional lens to expand our understanding of access - refer to #10 of resource). This does not mean, however, that we should not try. How can you take up some of that responsibility?

If there is any way I can do something in addition to what is communicated below to support your before, during, or after engagement of any space that we share together, please let me know! I welcome collaborating to negotiate access beforehand, in real time, and/or after. Please email me at [email protected] to collaborate on maximizing access of your synchronous or asynchronous connections!

In maximizing cross-disability access, I aim to prioritize relationships not checklists, and also strongly desire to avoid Forced Intimacy and extraction of labor from disabled or nondisabled people, or anyone in between or not claiming a Disabled identity (everyone has access needs)!

It is against my values to require “proof” or extract labor or information that is invasive. If I ever ask anything that feels invasive, I welcome transparency and will hold myself accountable. I will, however, ask about the best ways to meet those needs, and invite you to share at the level that feels best for you.

Ways I attempt to build access upfront for synchronous gatherings

How you can support access of our shared space:

Conflicting access realities: