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my feature on Diana Pastora Carson’s Beyond Awareness: Disability Awareness That Matters podcast episode 25 - a student’s journey to access & advocacy w/ Deanna Yadollahi 11/11/22

25. A Student's Journey to Access & Advocacy with Deanna Yadollahi

my article on LinkedIn for the NAMD Advocates summit about the past, present, & future of Disability Justice

The Past, Present, & Future of Disability Justice

now also available with glossary and plain language translation on the With Keri website

and cross-published by Disability Justice Dreaming as a PDF: the past, present, & future of DJ

linking to a glossary PDF: the past, present, & future of DJ Glossary / plain language translation

and amplified on the LinkTree of @Higher_Priestess on Instagram and the below IG post and on IG by NAMD Advocates

Deanna Parvin Yadollahi's working draft of attempts toward enacting Liberatory Access

Deanna Parvin Yadollahi’s Recommended Resources for Learning and Unlearning